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Effects of hyperthermia induced by microwave irradiation on brain development in mice

Fukui Y, Hoshino K, Inouye M, Kameyama Y

J Radiat Res (Tokyo) 33(1):1-10, 1992

Pregnant mice were exposed to 2.45 GHz of microwave radiation for 15 or 20 min on day 13 of gestation. The highest maternal core temperature during the exposure did not exceed 42.5 degrees C.

Pregnant females also were immersed in hot water at 42 degrees C for 15 min to compare thermal effects on brain development. Animals were killed 9 hours after treatment, and the pyknotic cells in the ventricular zone of telencephalon were counted.

The respective incidences of these cells in the groups exposed to microwaves for 15 and 20 min were 1.83% and 3.06%. Microwave radiation for 20 min had an effect that was comparable to that of immersion in 42 degrees C hot water for 15 min. In addition, some animals were examined on day 18 of gestation, and some of their offspring were examined at 6 weeks of age in an examination of long-term effects. Brain weight for the group exposed to microwaves for 20 min was significantly lower than for the control group, and the numerical density of the neurons in the cerebrum was higher.

We concluded that microwave radiation at the dose tested mainly has a thermal effect.

Additional Web Notes

I can see that, while the conclusion of high dose microwaves having a thermal effect is obviously true, it is difficult to see how the conclusion that it "mainly has a thermal effect" was arrived at. (SF)

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